A CMS created to make life, and the websites you build, easier.

Sure you could use a free CMS, but you get what you pay for. Give Statamic a try. Then buy.

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Why Developers Love Statamic

Let us show you how Statamic can help you build sites faster and take the pain out of maintaining them long after they're live.

Build faster. Much faster.

Statamic is designed to rapidly scaffold sites, eliminate repetitive tasks (like clicking around in a control panel for hours), and structure your data on the fly.

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Front Matter is Awesome
Version Control Everything!

Version control everything.

Yes everything, even content. Stay in sync with production and avoid downtime when deploying updates. Never be afraid to make a change. Be free of the DB.

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Bring your own markup.

Don't shoehorn a beautiful design into rigid themecuffs, take advantage of Statamic's flexible template language (Antlers) and structure your HTML however you like.

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Bring your own HTML and add some Antlers
OpenTable's marketing site runs on Statamic. Neat!

Do more with less.

Don’t cobble sites together with plugins. Statamic is like a box of LEGO® bricks — you can create almost anything with content types, custom fields, front-end forms, and addons.

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See it in action.

Sometimes you just need to see something to understand it. We totally get it. We’ve been right where you are before.

What's under the hood?

Statamic is built on, contributes to, and supports nothing but the best open source frameworks available today.

Who's using Statamic?

Thousands of companies who can’t pronounce it but love it anyway. Here are a few you may recognize.

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Extend and add new features with addons, themes, and all sorts of other goodies from our community of more than 2,500 developers and designers.

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