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Addon by Michael Aerni

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Dynamic Cache

If you ever used Statamic's static caching with the full strategy, you know that it doesn't play well with forms and dynamic listings like sort="random". This is where Dynamic Cache steps in. It dynamically updates the exclude and invalidation rules array in your static_caching.php config based on a boolean in your entries' content.

Dynamic Cache is a lifesaver for sites with complex page builders based on Replicator and Bard. Your page builder might have dozens of components and only one requiring dynamic functionality. Without this addon, you'd have to do without full static caching because you'd never know which page actually included that one component that doesn't work when cached statically.


  • Adds your entries' URLs to the static caching exclude array
  • Populates the invalidation rules array
  • Updates the config whenever you save or delete an entry or change the structure of a collection
  • Artisan Command to manually trigger a config update

Note: This addon currently only works with collection entries.


Install the addon using Composer:

composer require aerni/dynamic-cache

Publish the config of the package:

php please vendor:publish --tag=dynamic-cache-config

The following config will be published to config/dynamic-cache.php.

return [

    | Field Handle
    | Define the name of the field handle you would like to use.
    | Default: 'exclude_from_static_cache'

    'handle' => 'exclude_from_static_cache',



You may change the field's handle that is used to check if an entry should be excluded from the static cache. The handle defaults to exclude_from_static_cache.

Basic Usage

Dynamic Cache will look for exclude_from_static_cache: true in your entries. The best way to add this value to your content is by creating a Fieldset with a Hidden Fieldtype and adding it to your Blueprints where necessary.

If you use a page builder, I suggest adding the Fieldset to every Replicator or Bard set that requires dynamic functionality. This way, the entry will only be excluded from the static cache if the component in question is present. If it is not, the entry will be cached statically.

Fieldset with Hidden Fieldtype:

title: 'Exclude From Static Cache'
    handle: exclude_from_static_cache
      display: 'Exclude From Static Cache'
      type: hidden
      icon: hidden
      listable: hidden
      replicator_preview: false
      default: true

Alternatively, you can also use a Toggle Fieldtype to manually turn the static cache on and off. Just note that this kind of defeats the dynamic problem this addon is trying to solve …

Fieldset with Toggle Fieldtype:

title: 'Exclude From Static Cache'
    handle: exclude_from_static_cache
      display: 'Exclude From Static Cache'
      type: toggle
      icon: toggle
      listable: hidden

Manual Config Changes

You are free to manually change the exclude and rules array in the static_caching.php config. Dynamic Cache is smart enough to merge your manual changes.

Invalidation Rules

This addon will not generate any invalidation rules if the config is set to rules => 'all'.


You may update the config with the following command:

php artisan dynamic-cache:update

This is useful if you change your entries in your code editor rather than in the Control Panel.

Git Automation

This addon supports Statamic's Git integration. Simply add the following paths to the paths array in your git.php config. Also, make sure that the addon's storage path is tracked by git.

'paths' => [