Addon by Andrew Haine

Cartographer Main Screenshot

Become a master map-maker with this statamic addon. Add maps or geo data to your content with ease using a drag and drop interface.

Getting started

Please refer to the docs for installation instructions and an overview of how to use the tags.

Get creative!

The Cartographer fieldtype is designed to be an all-in-one, drag and drop map editor for Statamic. Add markers, styles and map controls as required; with additional features specific to each map library.

Where possible the field will show in real time how the map will look when embedded in your page.

Key Features

  • Drag controls to set the map center.
  • Drag and drop marker placement.
  • Custom marker icons, colours and labels.
  • Styles editor.

It just works

To embed a map on your page simply use the cartographer tag and tell it which field contains your map data (other options are documented in the docs). The map will display automatically - no fiddling about with any custom JavaScript.

{{ cartographer field="my_map" }}

For further information and more detailed information on using the tags please see the documentation.

Future developments

Future developments for this addon could be adding more complex features like polyshapes and further enhancements for the mapbox mode. Any ideas would be gladly heard so let me know what you'd like to see!