Cookie Notice

Duncan McClean


Cookie Notice

This addon provides a cookie consent notice to visitors of your Statamic site. It includes the ability to toggle consent groups and by default has a clean TailwindCSS design.

Disclaimer: we're not responsible if this addon is not compliant with Europen (or other) regulations.

Although the code for this addon is open-source, you need to purchase a license from the Statamic Marketplace to use it on a public domain.


  1. Install via Composer - composer require doublethreedigital/cookie-notice
  2. Publish the Cookie Notice config and it's assets - php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cookie-notice-config && php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cookie-notice-assets
  3. Add the notice to your site's layout {{ cookie_notice }}


During installation, you'll publish a configuration file for Cookie Notice to config/cookie-notice.php. The contents of said file look like this:


return [

    // Name of the cookie used to store the users' prefrences
    'cookie_name' => 'COOKIE_NOTICE',

    // Consent groups
    'groups' => [
        'Necessary' => [
            'required' => true,
            'toggle_by_default' => true,
        'Statistics' => [
            'required' => false,
            'toggle_by_default' => false,
        'Marketing' => [
            'required' => false,
            'toggle_by_default' => false,

  • cookie_name defines the name of the cookie you wish to store the users' cookie preferences.
  • groups is an array of consent groups. Feel free to update them however you want. The key is the name of the group, which will be displayed to the user. required defines whether the user is absolutly required to accept cookies for that group. toggle_by_default will automatically check the checkbox on the consent notice, however the user will be able to uncheck it if they want.


Displaying the cookie notice

It's simple! Just add this to your site's layout (or wherever you want to put it)

{{ cookie_notice }}

Overriding the cookie notice

If you want some more customisation over the contents of the consent view, you can publish it to resources/views/vendor and edit it from there.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=cookie-notice-views

If user has given any consent...

If you want to check if the user has given consent to any of your consent groups, you can do this:

{{ if {cookie_notice:hasConsented} }}
    <!-- has consented to something -->
{{ /if }}

If user has consented for...

You'll want to make sure that you're only running marketing scripts when the user has consented to the Marketing consent group. To check if a user has consented to a particular group, do this:

{{ if {cookie_notice:hasConsented group='Marketing'} }}
    <!-- marketing scripts -->
{{ /if }}


For developer support or any other questions related to this addon, please get in touch.