Cookie Notice Changelog

2.0.2 Released on April 12th, 2020

  • Allow for the consent button's label to be customised
  • Update developer information

2.0.1 Released on November 21st, 2019

  • Fixed issue with default styles

2.0.0 Released on November 15th, 2019

After some issues with the cookie notice not working properly, I've decided to rebuild the Cookie Notice addon, built on laravel-cookie-consent by Spatie.

Everything should very similar to how it used to be, just now everything's a little bit more stable.

However, this release does not support the Do Not Tracking but it's something I'm planning on bringing back in the near future.


  • Refactored tags code
  • Reorganised configuration (renamed some settings & removed the 'do not accept' option)
  • Rebuilt the actual notice using stuff from Spatie's package
  • Restyled the cookie notice

Upgrade Notice

If you currently use any custom styling for the cookie notice you may need to re-work it as we've recreated the actual notice.