Duplicate Entries in Statamic 3

This addon makes it easy for content editors to duplicate existing entries from within the Statamic Control Panel. In the future, hopefully this addon will be updated to support duplicating other things like Blueprints and Assets.

Addon Demo


  1. Install via Composer - composer require doublethreedigital/duplicator
  2. Start duplicating!


🔥 Hot Tip: Make sure you're on the List entries view, not the Tree one or else you won't see the Duplicate button.

  1. Go to a Collection, and view the entries listing.
  2. Decide on the entry you wish to duplicate. Click the three dots to toggle a dropdown and click the Duplicate option.
  3. If you've got a multi-site setup, you'll be asked to select the site you wish to duplicate the entry to. Select and option and continue.
  4. The entry will then be duplicated!


Compatible with Statamic v3 Duplicator on Packagist