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Duncan McClean


If you optionally publish the configuration file during installation, it should be present at config/duplicator.php. If not, you may publish the config file with the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="duplicator-config"

The config file looks like this:


return [

    | Defaults
    | Set defaults for duplicated entries.

    'defaults' => [
        'published' => true,

    | Fingerprint
    | Should Duplicator leave a 'fingerprint' on each entry/term/asset it touches
    | so you can tell if it's a duplicated entry or not?

    'fingerprint' => false,


Configuration options

  • defaults - You can configure defaults for duplicated entries. For example, if duplicated entries should be published or not. If not configured, it will fallback to the status of the entry being duplicated.
  • fingerprint - Disabled by default. You can choose whether you'd like a 'fingerprint', in the way of an extra is_duplicate variable, to be added to entries/terms/assets duplicated by this addon.


Collection Entries

🔥 Hot Tip: Make sure you're on the List entries view, not the Tree one or else you won't see the Duplicate button.

  1. Go to a Collection, and view the entries listing.
  2. Decide on the entry you wish to duplicate. Click the three dots to toggle a dropdown and click the Duplicate option.
  3. If you've got a multi-site setup, you'll be asked to select the site you wish to duplicate the entry to. Select and option and continue.
  4. The entry will then be duplicated!

Taxonomy Terms

  1. Go to a Taxonomy, and view the terms listing.
  2. Decide on the term you wish to duplicate. Click on the three dots to toggle a dropdown and click the Duplicate option.
  3. The term will then be duplicated!


Thanks to the community, Duplicator provides localized translations in English, French, German & Dutch. If you need translations in another language, you can create them yourself.

First, create the transalation file in resources/lang/vendor/duplicator/{language}/messages.php. You should be able to copy the English translation file and make your changes from there.