Social Embeds


Embed posts, profiles and other things from social media platforms.

This addon enables you to easilly get media, like posts, profiles etc from social media platforms without needing to know how each of their embeds work. This addon uses the oEmbed specification to fetch whatever you need.

While this code is open-source, it's important to keep in mind that you'll need to purchase a license to use it in production. You can buy a license from the Statamic Marketplace.

Code Example


Please note: Social Embeds requires PHP 7.4 due to one of the dependencies it uses.

  1. Install via Composer - composer require doublethreedigital/social-embeds
  2. Start using the addon!


It's easy. Just use the embed tag provided, along with the url to what you want to embed.

{{ embed url="" }}

You can see a big long list of the supported embed providers on the oEmbed website.


Compatible with Statamic v3 Social Embeds on Packagist

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Released July 14, 2020
Updated 2 days ago
Version 3.0.1
Downloads 9
Requires Statamic 3

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