Static Cache Manager

Duncan McClean
Static Cache Manager

This repository contains the source code for Static Cache Manager, a simple little utility to clear paths in your static cache.

This repository contains the source code of Static Cache Manager. While Static Cache Manager is free and doesn't require a license, you can donate to Duncan, the developer behind Static Cache Manager, to show your appreciation.


  1. Install via Composer composer require doublethreedigital/static-cache-manager



  1. Go to Utilities in the Statamic CP
  2. Click on 'Static Cache Manager'
  3. Enter in the paths you'd like to clear and click 'Clear'
  4. Hey presto! Static caching paths have been cleared.


From a security perspective, only the latest version will receive a security release if a vulnerability is found.

If you discover a security vulnerability within static-cache-manager, please report it via email straight away. Please don't report security issues in the issue tracker.


  • Issue Tracker: Find & report bugs in static-cache-manager
  • Email: Support from the developer behind the addon