Addon by Duncan McClean

Blaze Main Screenshot

Blaze is a super-fast command palette for the Statamic Control Panel - linking you to entries, collections, nav items & documentation.


Installing Blaze is simple! All you need to do is require Blaze as a Composer dependency:

composer require doublethreedigital/blaze

Now, you should be able to open up Blaze with ⌘ P (or Ctrl P on Windows)


Review the documentation on the Statamic Marketplace.


Blaze is a free addon, because of this there is no direct support channel. If you have a feature request or experience a bug, please open a GitHub Issue and it'll be looked into over the next week or two.

Only the latest version of this addon is supported. If you open a bug report using an old version, your issue will be closed.

Sponsor me!

Some of my addons (including this one) are free & open-source, meaning you can use them in your site without buying any licenses.

However, there is a cost from my perspective to maintain this addon (fixing new bugs, adding new features, answering questions). That all takes time. I've spent over 19 hours of my own time maintaining this addon over the past year.

If you use this software on your projects & can afford it, I'd appreciate it if you'd consider sponsoring me, even if it's just a couple dollars a month.