Fast SEO

Addon by Parfaitement Web

Fast SEO Main Screenshot

Statamic 3.0+

The simplest way to implement SEO on your website. Fast 🎸


  • You control your entire markup.
  • Generate adequate Meta Title.
  • Generate adequate Meta Description.
  • Generate adequate Meta Robots (noindex, nofollow, noarchive)
  • Canonical URL, aka rel="canonical"
  • Alternates locales, aka hreflang, from your multi-site configuration.
  • Open Graph tags, aka Facebook Tags.
  • Twitter Cards tags.
  • Any extra code snippet you want to include in your head.
  • Multi-site support

What's different from other SEO Addons?

There are already quite a few SEO addons in the Statamic marketplace. Why use ours?

Firstly, because you control the entire markup. We do not want to impose anything. This addon only computes the values and you can place them in any tag you want and can even reuse the values for multiple tags.

Secondly, because every computation is done using Antlers logic and conditions. The formula is even customizable from the settings. No need to overwrite any view or config. Everything can be done from the Control Panel.

Finally, because we focus on simplicity. We think an SEO addon should be used to handle value that changes depending on the page or context. Everything else like the final value of can be generated with free online tools and integrated into your layout once for all.

Getting Started

We have made things easy for you to start. Here are the three steps your need to follow:

  1. Install the addon
    Simply run composer require parfaitementweb/statamic-fast-seo
    You also can follow the official Statamic help guide

  2. Add the Fast SEO tags to your layout.
    We have prepared every SEO tag for you. Just copy and paste the snippets below in your layout.

  3. Enjoy.

What does the addon look like?

Statamic Fast SEO Dashboard

Statamic fast SEO General Settings

Statamic fast SEO Page SEO

Statamic fast SEO Formulas


V1.0.3 ✂️ Trim the description and be perfectly sharp.

👍 Publish the initial values during install.

V1.0.0 & V1.0.1 🚀 Launching this awesome addon to the world.