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MailerLite (for Statamic v2) Documentation

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  1. Create a folder in addons/ called MailerLite
  2. Copy the files to this folder
  3. Run php please update:addons
  4. Head to the Control Panel > Addons > MailerLite > Settings


  1. Head to your Control Panel and go to Addons > MailerLite > Settings
  2. Enter your MailerLite API key (this can be found in MailerLite Integrations > Developer API)
  3. Add a form entry for each form that you want to capture details from and setup your mapped fields (see field descriptions below)

Field Descriptions

All the fields use Statamic's tag fieldtype which lets you easily add either a single field or multiple fields, just type your form field name in and hit enter to add it.

  • Form - The form you want to capture details from
  • Subscriber Group - (Optional) The subscriber group you want to add subscribers to
  • Name Field - Defaults to name which you can change if your form uses something different
  • Email Field - Defaults to email which you can change if your form uses something different (single field tag only)
  • Automatically Split Name - This will split the submitted name by the first space character into MailerLite's name and last_name fields, Note: If last_name is mapped separately this setting will be ignored
  • Opt-in Field - (Optional) If you require that a checkbox is checked on your form to subscribe someone to your list you can map that field here (single field tag only)
  • Marketing Permissions Field - (Optional) If you want to setup MailerLite's GDPR compliant marketing permission fields you can map a checkbox array, see this article on MailerLite for more information (single field tag only)
  • Mapped Fields - (Optional) Here you can map any additional fields you have setup in MailerLite


MIT License