Simon Hamp

Are you running Statamic Free version and want git support, but can't justify going Pro?

Or maybe you're running Statamic Pro already, and you need more control over when, what and how changes get pushed back to your repo?

Gitamic adds an intuitive git UI to Statamic so that you can have more control over your commits. It's great for more complex sites that rely on live-publishing changes from your Statamic CP back to your git repository.


  • See changes to files (a.k.a. your 'working tree')
  • Stage and unstage changes
  • Discard unstaged changes
  • Commit staged changes
  • Push changes

And even more features are coming as Gitamic is under active development!


  • Pro version with even more powerful features!

Installation and Setup

Statamic CP

Using the Statamic CP is the easiest way to install Gitamic. Under Tools > Addons, use the search to find 'Gitamic' and install. All done.


You can also install via Composer:

composer require simonhamp/gitamic

Once Composer has finished downloading the necessary dependencies, you'll need to update your application's config/statamic/editions.php to indicate that you're using the basic edition of Gitamic:

    'addons' => [
        'simonhamp/gitamic' => 'basic',

Gitamic is a premium add-on, so a license is required for all versions. You may download and install it for free to trial it, but you must purchase a license in order to use this add-on in production.

You can purchase a license from the Statamic Marketplace.

Once Gitamic is installed, just refresh your CP and you can use it immediately. It relies on wherever your site is running to contain a git repository.

Statamic Pro

Gitamic does not require Statamic Pro, nor Statamic's Git Integration to be enabled.

If however you do have Statamic Pro and you have Statamic's Git Integration enabled, you may find it better to disable its 'automatic commits' feature so that Statamic doesn't automatically commit every change. This will leave you to do all your own commits via Gitamic, if that's what you're into.

To do this you can set the following key in your .env file:


Bugs and Feature Requests

If you experience any problems with Gitamic or would like to make a feature request, please raise an issue using the appropriate template.


If you discover any security related issues, please do not raise an issue on GitHub. Email [email protected] instead.

Please note that I will not respond to feature requests or bug reports at this email address.