Image Redactor - Uploading Images - Subdirectory

I was hoping to get some help with the image redactor not processing image uploads. I'm running statamic (1.9.2) in a subdirectory.

When I upload an image through the redactor I get the following alert: "The page at says: true"

I'm also unable to browse my already uploaded images.

I have the following errors thrown in my console: 404 (Not Found) ascent.min.js?v=1.8.2:13

GET 404 (Not Found) ascent.min.js?v=1.8.2:13

I have set up my settings.yaml file and .htaccess to reflect the subdirectory

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Side note, all the above functionality works fine when it is not in a subdirectory.

Answered by Marc!
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