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Statamic 1.10.1 - Revisions - versions displayed in the popup window: cannot really choose to re-publish an old one

Emmanuel Beauchamps January 13, 2015 by Emmanuel Beauchamps

I have in my popup for a particular entry:

Version 3 - Published 1 minute ago (the published version) with the flag "You are here" Version 2- Published 5 minutes ago Version 1 - Published on 14/11/18 at 3:39:56 pm

If I choose Version 2 in order to view it, THEN if I click on the Publish button without making any further change, Statamic creates another version named "Version 4 - Published on 15/01/13"!

Why isn't Statamic really reverting back to Version 2 instead of creating another Version? This sentence is misleading: "You are viewing a revision of this page from %s. You can re-publish it as-is, make changes then publish, or" because we cannot really re-published as-is.

Therefore, the flag "You are here" definitely doesn't have any interest as the current version always is the top-most one.

Is another behavior possible?

Answered by Jason Varga!
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