1.10.1: File Field type, having to double publish

Specs: Statamic 1.10.1, in a subdirectory.

I'm having an issue with the 'File' fieldtype, when I upload an image the thumbnail displays perfectly. After I hit publish it displays a broken link to the image, the image on the published page is also a broken link. If I refresh the admin page then the thumbnail appears and the image on the published page appears( clicking publish again on the admin page also makes the images work ). If I refresh the published page after I see the broken link on it, then it appears and works.

Inspecting the code shows me after the initial upload the src of the image is looking to the root, not the subdirectory. After refresh it prepends my subdirectory and works.

While this issue is somewhat minor, it's not something that I can let my client see/be aware of. Anyone have some insight?

I'm also having a similar issue with all file upload fieldtypes but lets take it one step at a time.


Edit: Answers to the questions I know will be asked: .htaccess changed to reflect the subdirectory settings.yaml _site_root and _site_url change to reflect subdirectory assets(755) and img(777) folder are writable.

Answered by Marc!
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