Raven Submission Subfolders

Hi all,

I seem to be having some trouble with Raven and the handling of submission subfolders. My problem is I've created a subfolder inside of /_forms, however Raven won't drop my submissions there.

The details:

  • /_config/add-ons/raven/raven.yaml has the flag submission_save_path to /_forms
  • The specific formset (called Quickform) has the flag submission_save_path to /_forms/quickform
  • The /_forms/quickform folder is real, has 777 permissions, and is giving me warm fuzzy feelings
  • The master killswitch for raven is off

Currently Raven is dropping the submissions into /_forms, but not a level deeper. So it seems that the raven.yaml config file is overriding the formset's setting.

Am I doing things fundamentally wrong? I thought it'd be nice for my clients to have their 3 forms filter into three subfolders. Please let me know if more details are necessary, I wasn't sure where to begin sharing for troubleshooting. Any help would be greatly appreciated... cheers!

Answered by James Holland!
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