Linking to Member Profile from Listing

I apologize if this is an easy answer, but I'm still relatively new and have been searching for the answer all night. So I figured I'd post as well.

I have a listing of 'members' - they're athletes on a sports team in a table:

    {{ member:listing }}
        <td>{{ jersey_number }}</td>
        <td><a href="#>{{ first_name }} {{ last_name }}</a></td>
        <td>{{ position }}</td>
        <td>{{ height }}</td>
        <td>{{ grad_year }}</td>
    {{ /member:listing }}

I'd like to link their names to their individual profile pages, which will show more information. I'm completely lost on what that link looks like (I know it'll use {segment_n} to pull the users profile but when I try to do something like this: <a href="{{ path src='/profile/{{ username }}' }}">{{ first_name }} {{ last_name }}</a> I get a 404 error.

Can somebody guide me? Or post an example? Thanks for your help.

Answered by Alex Armstrong!
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