Anyone else still having issues with checkbox on member/fields.yaml ?

I've got a field like this in my member fields.yaml

    type: checkbox
    display: Only City/State Address is Public

they can control their own privacy.

In the member:profile_form I've got this

<input type="checkbox" name="address_citystate_is_public" value="1"{{ if current_member.address_citystate_is_public == "1" }} checked="checked"{{ endif }} />Show only your address city and state.

I've tried the logic with {{ old_values:address_citystate_is_public == "1" }} instead of current_member

My _config/user file shows

address_citystate_is_public: "1"

If I go to the page and uncheck the box; save the form I get the "Success" flash.... but the value comes back in the checkbox on refresh and the YAML doesn't change... thoughts?

Answered by Jason Varga!
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