Statamic 1.10.2. - problems understanding the new cache-tag

I have a template called single-blog-entry.html, that is called, when Statamic shows a blog posting. I thought, I could wrap the fields {{ title }} and {{ content }} in {{ cache }} {{/cache}} in order to cache the blog posting. I cache the footer and header seperately as partials and the sidebar is uncached, because I have dynamic stuff going on there.

But this didn´t work. I thought, that Statamic would produce a static file for each blog posting. But I was wrong. I got a lot of 404-messages because Statamic delivered the same file for each blog posting. Is there a chance, to cache just the blog posting? Does this make sense from a performance standpoint? Or is Stastamic so fast, that the one loop through {{ entries listing }} doesn´t matter?

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