Background: I'm trying to implement Erin Dalzell's add-on version of the WordPress importer... ...but I'm having trouble getting it configured.


First the easy one, to run it as a hook, you need to do: http://(mywebsite).com/TRIGGER/wordpress_importer/import

This generates the error "Please make sure /primary/www/export exists & is writeable." It really does, and it is: There's an "export" folder at the root, and it has full read/write/execute privileges.

The config file YAML (at /primary/www/_config/add-ons/wordpress_importer/wordpress_importer.yaml) /should be: wp_export_file: '/primary/www/_content/wp.xml' export_folder: '/primary/www/export'


The export folder must have 777 permissions (read, write and execute) on it.


NOTE the correct path of the CONFIG file is _config/add-ons NOT _config/_add-ons (no underscore on add-ons).

Right. Amended.

So, all this is configured as suggested, yet I get the error. Any suggestions?