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Thumbs up for auto incremental duplicate slugs

I know that there's already a request for this, this is more of a discussion. The following links from the Statamic community revolves around duplicate slugs and I think must be baked in the core, pronto. With the mix of feature request, coins, and lobby entries/questions, I was hoping that 1.10.3 would fix it, or has it already been implemented and I've missed it.

In summary it revolves around the ability to have blog entries or pages that have duplicate slugs. Also some form of notification/alert when there are duplicate slugs ahead of time before posting. Of course as I demonstrated in (https://lodge.statamic.com/support/259-duplicate-entry-title-throws-slim-applic) I would prefer it a heck of a lot if we were able to have duplicate slugs for different entries (with auto counter appending to the slug). This is specially handy for a series of posts that's about the same thing.

I really hope The Gentlemen would fix this. What do you guys say? Thumbs up? Of course we all appreciate what you guys are doing and dealing with deadlines and timeline for other features. Mentioning approximately "when" would also be nice.


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