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HTML Caching weirdness

Erin Dalzell September 13, 2014 by Erin Dalzell

I am seeing some weirdness in HTML caching and was hoping you could help.


  • dev.local lists all my blog entries (in the blog folder)
  • dev.local/blog also lists all my blog entries.
  • html_caching is on, with no folders excluded

Both use the same templates/layouts.

I have:

  • taken the Relative Cache Buster and modified it so I can call when I want.
  • a hook that creates a entry in my /blog folder. In this hook I call the relative cache buster to invalidate the cache.

Both page.md and 1-blog/page.md are touched, so that should force the cache to be rebuilt.

I am getting inconsistent results.

Sometimes dev.local/blog gets refreshed properly and dev.local does not and sometime the reverse.

I think this is a Statamic issue because if I remove the relative Cache Buster and use


Then / works but /blog does not.

Please help.

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