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Nav parameter, secondary Nav question

James Blair September 14, 2014 by James Blair

So I'm working on a navigation structure and wanted to see if anyone could help me with one aspect of it.

Essentially, I am building a mega-nav type feature for two of my five nav items. Now the secondary nav part is fine, but my question is being able to set a different parameter (specifically: include_entries=true) for one of those nav items. I don't want it to pull entries for any of the other pages, just from the secondary folders under folder 2.

To give a better idea... The folder structure is this: 1. Folder 2. Folder - Secondary-Folder: entries - Secondary-Folder: entries 3. Folder .... we are trying to pull a few of the "featured" entries from that secondary folder to be shown in the nav if that makes sense.

I've attached a screenshot to help out visually.... Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 3.37.27 PM.png

Answered by James Blair!
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