Using the {{cache}}-tag on a sidebar many times. Good idea or too granular and ineffective?

My blog has a sidebar. I want to use the cache-tag (from 1.10.x) to speed up the site. Does it make sense to do the following (from topt to bottom):

  • Wrap the static Welcome-message in cache tags
  • let the Top-10-Listing uncached
  • wrap the static "I reccomend section" in cache tags

And so forth. The sidebar would have 3 uncached areas and 2 cached areas.
Same for the footer. Alle very granular. Does this make sense or is it way too much.
At a certain point it takes longer to manage a billion cached mini-files, than it is to forgo caching and just render the whole page and serve it.

I also will use a lot of scope=page to further increase the amount of cached files.

Will this increase or decrease my siteĀ“s loading time? Albert

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