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Image upload doesn't work in production, nothing in the error logs

Thomas September 16, 2014 by Thomas


In production, if I try to upload an image using a redactor or a file field when publishing, I don't get any errors but the image is not uploaded. It works locally. The URL called when uploading a picture with redactor like /TRIGGER/redactor/upload?path=assets/img/blog/&&is_image=true. The call returns 200 but then when requesting the image, redactor gets a 404.

My assets folder as well as all its children are owned by the Apache user and have the same owner/permissions as my _content folder anyway (and I can edit the content from the admin).

I understand that you can't debug my prod server for me :) but I can't find any errors (nothing interesting in _logs/) so I don't know how to debug it. Any clues on where to start looking for a hint/stacktrace?


PS: I run Statamic 1.8.4

Answered by Thomas!
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