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Presence of tasks file breaks pages that use the add-on's plugin

Curtis Blackwell May 4, 2015 by Curtis Blackwell

I'm working on a task for an add-on, but with the file in place, I get an error when I load pages that use the plugin:

In Chrome:

No data received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

In Firefox:

Server not found

If I delete the file, there's no problem.

  • The add-on is called Tiger,
  • the filename is tasks.tiger.php, and
  • the file's contents are:

    class Tasks_tiger extends Tasks
        public function define()
            $this->add(60, 'create');
        public function create()

I tried:

  • Linting the PHP,
  • removing everything except the class definition,
  • removing everything except the class definition and define() method, and
  • dropping in Raven's tasks file and renaming the file and classname, and removing the Finder namespace.

What else can I try?

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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