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Online Fundraising With Statamic

Seth Giammanco May 19, 2015 by Seth Giammanco

Some time ago I shared how my team and I were working on a Statamic plugin to work with Giving Impact's online fundraising API. That plugin is now in the wild and along with it we created a campaign boilerplate theme. We have details about both including a screencast to checkout.

The plugin is exciting but the theme has us even more so. The idea that in minutes you can set up a working peer to peer or team fundraising site ready to be designed and further customized to an organization/charity's needs is pretty excellent. The ability to offer a boilerplate theme like this is unique and showcases what can be done with a flat file CMS like Statamic in combination with external API driven services like givingimpact.com.

Welcome any questions or feedback you might have and know that both the plugin and theme are on github (links available from link above) and are forkable for you all to have at it to extend them should you so choose.

Best, Seth

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