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i18n - Statamic version 1.10.5 - untranslatable strings found in the CP

Emmanuel Beauchamps June 16, 2015 by Emmanuel Beauchamps

Throwing {{ all_the_vars }} shows that these strings are not translatable yet (well, since 1.10.1, see https://lodge.statamic.com/support/1028-i18n-statamic-version-1101-untranslatabl ):

  • export_to_html Export to HTML
  • static_site_generator Static Site Generator
  • generated_files Generated Files
  • generate_html Generate HTML Files
  • download_site Download Site

These strings are missing in the en.yaml file and the PHP files are missing the Localization::fetch('string_to_be_translatable')

Also, some javascript (I guess) isn't translatable: "Please wait. Generating files…"

And I found this string too: "This note will help you find this revision later in case you need to come back to it."

Finally: we never had the possibility to get the translations showing in the CP for Live, Hidden and Draft though these strings are in the en.yaml file.

Answered by Emmanuel Beauchamps!
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