I have a Statamic site that's on a cheap shared host (yeah, I know. I inherited it)

It's all working beautifully, except, I'm a bit nervous about admin people logging into Statamic's Control Panel over unencrypted http from unsecured wifi networks.

Fortunately the host offers what they call free shared SSL. So I can access the site securely by visiting


instead of


Not surprisingly, everything looks haywire (see below), because the paths for everything in _themes are pointing relative to '/' instead of '~clientaccountname/'

I suspect this is a perfect case for environments, but setting up an environment to match

    - 'https://siteground123.com*'

whose 'ssh.yaml' file is set to

_site_url: https://siteground123.com/~clientaccountname/ 

...hasn't worked. What am I missing?

Cheers Robert

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.01.23 pm.png