Hi All,

I have created a simple directory listing template which allows me to let certain pages act primarily as an index page to files contained in a relevant asset directory. (the asset directory is identified in the page's YAML front matter, although it is named similarly in the assets folder, so I could generate the path programatically, i suppose).

I would like to add descriptions to each of those files on the page. I was going to include YAML front matter parameters in the page.md file, where each filename would become a parameter taking on the description as a value. (ex.: file01 : Intro to Statamic). Then, as the get_file tag loops through the directory in the template file, it would also display the descriptions using get_content.

I cannot figure out how to pass {{filename}} as a parameter for the get_content tag within the get_file iterations. Is this possible? Is there a better way of getting this done?