1.11.0: Debug panel always on, logging not working

The debung panel will always show up, wether I have _display_debug_panel: true or _display_debug_panel: false or display_debug_panel: (I just left it blank)
For whatever reason the debug panel defaults to on.

statamic_version: 1.11.0
php_version: 5.5.11

I would like to launch my site. Hiwe can I get rid of the debug panel?

Seems to be a bigger problem, because when I turn loggin on in settings.yaml Statamic doesn´t recognize it. Despite having set _log_enabled: true in settings.yaml I see "This site is not logging messages. To turn on logging, set _log_enabled to true in _config/settings.yaml. " in the CP.

2nd Add:

Even when I delete settings.yaml from the _config directory the debug panel will be there.


Answered by Albert Warnecke!
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