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Emmanuel Beauchamps September 25, 2015 by Emmanuel Beauchamps

REGIONALIZE FOR LINKED, sets of data for the statamic-linked add-on

What is it?

Regionalize for Linked are sets of data containing countries, regions, counties... Those sets can be used as relevant options for Erin Dalzell's statamic-linked add-on.

Who build it?

Regionalize for Linked has been created by Emmanuel Beauchamps (@putitinred on Twitter, @emmanuel on statamic.slack.com) from data collected for Regionalize


Regionalize for Linked by Emmanuel Beauchamps (@putitinred) is licensed under a MIT License.

How to install it?

  1. get the latest copy of Regionalize for Linked on Github
  2. copy the relevant data you need to the_config/add-ons/linked/ folder located in your Statamic install on your server. Beware: as of 09/25/2015, all .yaml files must be located at the root of the linkedfolder.
  3. look at the readme.mdfile for the statamic-linked fieldtype.
  4. modify the fieldset that includes fields of type linkedand especially the 3 settings:
    • options_file:
    • link_to:
    • options_key:
  5. access your CP and navigate to the page that uses the linkedfieldtype
  6. enjoy!
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