I'm trying to build a field for my homepage that allows me to select and order entries to be used as part of a slider. My proposed solution involved creating a Grid, one column with a Suggest fieldtype that scans my "news" folder for entries.

I used the Grid + Suggest fieldtype combo as I didn't feel using the Suggest fieldtype alone was intuitive for reordering -- the vertical display of entries in rows is the same order I'll be using the same slider and the drag and drop capabilities made it seem sensible, but I'm certainly open to suggestions.

The problem:

When the Suggest fieldtype is in a Grid, it seems to break the styling and auto suggestion pop-up. The Suggest fieldtype suddenly becomes a Select fieldtype in appearance. It also breaks the Grid's ability to add more rows. The "+" sign no longer functions.

My example code:

    type: grid
        type: suggest
        display: Choose an entry for slideshow
        hide_selected: true
        placeholder: "Please select an entry"
          folder: news
          label: title
          value: url
        display: Dinner Choices
        type: select
          - Beans
          - Fish
          - Tree Bark
          - Elk

Output of code:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.11.53 PM.png

Any feedback / improvements / suggestions appreciated!