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Introducing CLEAN BLOG by StartBootstrap - Statamic v1 port

Emmanuel Beauchamps October 1, 2015 by Emmanuel Beauchamps

Clean Blog by Start Bootstrap - Statamic v1 port by @putitinred

The Statamic version of the Clean Blog theme by Start Bootstrap. Just because you don't work with wordpress, jekyll, ghost (?) or anchor CMS (??) but with Statamic.

Live preview

DOWNLOAD the Statamic version HERE

What's Included

Dummy content in the _content folder.
The theme folder (startbootstrap-clean-blog-statamic) that must be copied in your own _themes folder.
Placeholder images in the assetfolder.

What's NOT included

Statamic app files and the license number associated with them. SO go get a license right now HERE

In order to get the contact form to work, you'll have to either buy the 1st-party "Raven Forms" add-on or create a dedicated php file.

Before You Begin

Copy the appropriate folders/files to your Statamic install.
Look at the theme.yaml file and change the different values.
In your settings.yaml file located in the _config folder, don't forget to change theses variables: _site_name:, _site_url: and _theme:

License applying to the theme only

Apache 2.0


This work is community supported. It is not created, supported, or updated by Start Bootstrap.

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