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Introducing BLOGAMATIC, yet another free responsive light blog theme for Statamic v1

Emmanuel Beauchamps October 5, 2015 by Emmanuel Beauchamps

Brought to you by @putitinred.

Download it on Github

Features big pictures, captions, categories and great cupcakes, and I smashed everything into a narrow layout.

Provided with 4 pages: Home, About, Contact and 404. Plus XML RSS feed for the blogroll.

Ported and improved from the Long Haul theme created by @brianmaierjr (MIT License).

Screenshots (more on the repo)


blogamatic|Home (footer)


What's Included

Dummy content in the _content folder.
The theme folder (blogamatic) that must be copied in your own _themes folder.
Placeholder images in the assetfolder.
A custom modifier called readtime whose function, you got it, is to calculate the reading time for your posts to better engage your viewers. It's located in _add-ons/readtime so don't forget to copy this folder to your own install.

What's NOT included

Statamic app files and the license number associated with them. So go get a license right now HERE

In order to get the contact form to work, you can open an account at Formspree or you'll have to either buy the 1st-party "Raven Forms" add-on or create a dedicated php file.

Before You Begin

Copy the appropriate folders/files to your Statamic install.

Look at the theme.yaml file and change the different values.

In your settings.yaml file located in the _config folder, don't forget to change theses variables: _site_name:, _site_url: and _theme:

License applying to the theme and the modifier (readtime)


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