File field/upload issues

I'm having similar issues to those described in this post:

When I upload a file and save the entry the file gets uploaded. However, when I open the entry again to edit the file is missing.

When I try to choose a file that's already been uploaded I click the folder icon on the right side of the file field and the resulting Select a File dropdown isn't getting populated with anything.

I've checked permissions (777) on _cache, _content and my assets and images folders, but it hasn't helped.

My file field is formatted like this:

    display: Photo
    type: file
    destination: assets/images
    show_thumbnail: true
    allowed: ['png, jpg, jpeg, PNG, JPG, JPEG']

The files get uploaded to the right place but when I open the entry the file data gets wiped.

Any ideas?

Statamic 1.8.4, MAMP pro, PHP 5.3.28, files are png and jpg

Answered by Jamie Wagner!
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