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Filtering tags

Thomas Hanlon September 19, 2014 by Thomas Hanlon

Sorry, I believe I originally posted my question in the [wrong place] ( : the forum at large. On a criminal law firm site, I need only tags which are related to a specific offense. For an article on a *dui, I need only tags related to that offense such as *traffic stops. To that end, I made a field called *elements. The writer will use the elements field to tag the article with related issues. While one of the responses did get me further along, it is incomplete. I'm still stuck on this point. Instead of using taxonomy lists to display tags, I'm now using entries listings. That response also explained that I didn't need to use taxonomy=true. Presently, I just need to resolve this question. Should I filter the results by setting up a different directory structure than the one I currently have eg. this: site/dui/misdemeanor-dui to this: site/charges/dui/elements and then set taxonomy=true? Or, in this situation, is there a way to display the *element tags through conditions? Changing my folder structure seems to complicate things needlessly. Isn't this a situation in which I would use conditions?

Answered by Curtis Blackwell!
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