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Transform Tag - Git - and too many images being generated - cache question?

James Blair September 19, 2014 by James Blair

Hey everyone - so I may just be doing one little thing wrong here, but I use the transform tag to create thumbnail image on a slider yadda yada yada...

The question is that it seem whenever someone new access the site, it generates a whole new set of transformed images (I can see this through our git logs), and then stores them on the server.... I'd like for it to stop doing that.... Is it a cache issue? Am I doing something wrong in using the transform tag? I thought somewhere I read that transform was smart enough to see if its already generated the transform img and to use that one... Or is this what happens to everyone and I need to try and articulate what I'd like to see better in a feature request...

Thanks! I realize more info may be needed to answer/understand. Happy to supply on request.

Answered by Jason Varga!
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