Trouble with fresh install

I'm having some trouble setting up my server. I'm not sure what my error is, but I'm sure it's something simple and/or minute. Anyways, I'm simply following Digital Ocean's tut on deploying a LAMP stack (without MySQL obviously). After that:

  • I enable mcrypt

  • Enable mod Rewrite and Headers

  • then change the line in Apache's main config file under directory /var/www to "AllowOverride All".

  • I also change the default site's document root to "/var/www" (rather than /html).

  • I give my user ownership over the /var/www directory.

  • At this point I connect through ssh and copy the server check file and everything is good

  • I then copy over a fresh dl of Statamic 1.8.4

  • rename the .htaccess file

  • set permissions on _cache, _logs, _content, _config/users, to 775

  • restart apache

Then I get a blank screen. At every point until I copy the Statamic files over I can view the Apache, PHP, and Statamic check files. After that I can still view the Statamic check and phpinfo files, but index.php gives me a blank screen. Perhaps there's something wrong with the way Apache is reading .htaccess file? If I add some nonsense line to it then I get a 500 error.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to be thorough. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answered by Jack McDade!
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