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Trouble with fresh install

Michael Stanley September 19, 2014 by Michael Stanley

I'm having some trouble setting up my server. I'm not sure what my error is, but I'm sure it's something simple and/or minute. Anyways, I'm simply following Digital Ocean's tut on deploying a LAMP stack (without MySQL obviously). After that:

  • I enable mcrypt

  • Enable mod Rewrite and Headers

  • then change the line in Apache's main config file under directory /var/www to "AllowOverride All".

  • I also change the default site's document root to "/var/www" (rather than /html).

  • I give my user ownership over the /var/www directory.

  • At this point I connect through ssh and copy the server check file and everything is good

  • I then copy over a fresh dl of Statamic 1.8.4

  • rename the .htaccess file

  • set permissions on _cache, _logs, _content, _config/users, to 775

  • restart apache

Then I get a blank screen. At every point until I copy the Statamic files over I can view the Apache, PHP, and Statamic check files. After that I can still view the Statamic check and phpinfo files, but index.php gives me a blank screen. Perhaps there's something wrong with the way Apache is reading .htaccess file? If I add some nonsense line to it then I get a 500 error.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to be thorough. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answered by Jack McDade!
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