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How do you use tags such as theme partials in content files?

Someone September 22, 2014 by Someone

I'm toying around with Statamic for the first time, and have developed a rudimentary theme and have been having a blast up until this point: I can't seem to figure out how to use Statamic tags in content files.

I've made several partials to give pages sections of content with different styling, such as color scheme and background images, but in order for this to work (ideally, in a perfect world) I need to use those partials instead of having to write the full HTML in the content files. Call me lazy, but I just prefer to use the partials to make making pages just a bit easier.

So is this possible? If not, am I missing something when it comes to the whole content file paradigm? School me.

Answered by Fred LeBlanc!
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