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Thoughts on V2

Richard Noakes April 17, 2016 by Richard Noakes

OK I have been playing with this now for a week or so, and thought I would add my feedback.

As someone with over 50 V1 sites under my belt, I have initially found this confusing, primarily because following the set up routine I arrived at the control panel, so far so good. Now my usual workflow is to delete all sample content, fieldsets, templates etc and set about crating my own.

Big Mistake!

Delete anything in the CP that the CP displays (I am looking at you dashboard, collections and pages) and things break! Now surely that can not be good, all that is displayed is a 404 with no feedback. Initially I just gave up and reinstalled everything and eventually I managed to work out what the problem was but for a new user breaking the CP with something so part of site creation does not seem good.

IMO the CP should work unless you delete a component of the CP, not content.

So far have to say and its probably because of my unfamiliarity I am finding working on it a real chore, I will see if this changes but at the present my dev time for a V2 site makes it unviable to use although I guess I will both have to persevere and hopefully speed up in time.

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