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Debugging 500 errors for assets / infinite loading spinner of death

Curtis Blackwell April 19, 2016 by Curtis Blackwell

Since 500 errors for assets seem fairly common and affects me frequently enough, I figured I'd put together a list to help debug.

Working with Erin (everyone's second-favorite Canadian; Rudy++ for being everyone's favorite Canadian), we came up with this:

  1. Ensure logging is enabled. I've found files sometimes works when browser doesn't.
  2. Check to make sure your asset containers settings (site/storage/assets/{{ uuid }}/container.yaml) are correct.
  3. Visit the assets.
  4. If you're still having issues, try visiting the asset container settings in the CP and clicking save. You don't have to change any settings.

Step 4 fixed my problem. If something else fixes your problem, let's add to the list.

Rudy has 975,232 points, 1 of which is for being everyone's favorite Canadian.

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