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We have a site called http://www.stpaulradiology.com/ that has been built on Statamic. I am trying to add the ability to output multiple practice_areas (SPECIALTY) on example:


  1. Here is a mockup of what I am trying to accomplish. I am trying to display the Practice Areas below the Name Title and also display it on the side-bar in a categorical sense.

Right now, it is only allowing ONE Practice Area to be displayed on both side-bar and Specialty box, and I am trying to get multiple ones to be displayed and have this function be available in the backend of Statamic rather than manually coding it every time.


  1. I would also like to display the multiple practice areas on each team member’s card.


Here is the mockup. Again, it is currently displaying one practice area in the front end.


So here is what I did… In FTP, there is a file that generates these fields called “teammate.yaml" in the "config/fieldsets" folder. More specifically the practice_area “suggest” attribute. I changed the max_items to 1000 to add more practice areas, when you would think it would display the practice areas you've selected in the backend of Statamic, but instead it won't display anything. Am I supposed to use a different attribute?


Here is how it looks in the back-end after I entered 1000, this allowed me to add more entries in the backend, but it wouldn't display any of it. Nor, it wouldn't allow me to remove any practice areas.


The bottom line is, is that it will not display the content correctly on bio and all team members pages, actually not even at all. Do you know which files I should look into in order to make this happen or perhaps know of another way to display this content? Is there some sort of function I need to write?

Let me know what your thoughts are on this, any help at all is much appreciated.


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