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Richard Noakes May 2, 2016 by Richard Noakes

I am not sure but I am having a bit of an "issue". We manage a number of Statamic sites for clients in a similar format of "collections" (in V2 speak) where each entry contains images, biography, availability, external links etc.

Now in V1 we could very easy mange these locally, keeping pretty much just the content some config and the theme files for each site and using FTP or git to push content when changed or added.

Now in V2 I am forced to use the control panel (or so it seems). This appears to mean I have to go on the site itself and use the admin panel (I am especially concerned about assets here), which for me here takes away the joy of using text files locally.

I really do not want to keep in excess of 30-50 full installations of Statamic locally and use git to manage these, it's a major overhead as we do not just design and go, we often manage as well as host all on our own servers. If I am going to have to go online to manage I may as well use one of the myriad of database driven CMS's.

So has my favourite CMS lost one of its core advantages for me, or am I missing something fundamental. I have to say while I am impressed with V2 in actual use, for management, in our situation I am not so happy.

Hopefully this is just me missing something, so any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

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