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Using git to manage content developed in web dashboard?

Derek Van Ittersum May 23, 2016 by Derek Van Ittersum

I am thinking of developing a Statamic site for an organization I am a part of. The site would have multiple editors who would only use the web dashboard.

However, myself and another developer will want to use git to keep the site under version control. We know we want to keep the structure/css under version control for sure. We think we want to keep the content under version control as well--in order to roll back errors and maintain a history of the content.

However, I'm not sure how that would be handled. I saw one post about this, but it was a bit over my head. I'd be willing to dive in to learn the techniques described, but would want some confirmation from others that this workflow fits the situation I described.

So, I guess the main question is: how to check in the new content created on the server in the dashboard and not create a mess in the repo?

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