It seems I have a problem with the environments. I give you here the details, given that my website is on the server I reach by the URL subdom.dom.ext.

When settings.yaml contains:

    - 'http://localhost*'
    - '*.dev'
    - '*.localip'
    - '*.com'
    - '*.ext'

the debug panel displays:

  template: default
  layout: default
  statamic_version: 1.8.4
  php_version: 5.5.6
  theme: acadia
  environment: (none)

and a Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/user/www/statamic/_app/core/private_api/_environment.php on line 39 notice appears at the top of the admin panel.

If I remove the - '*.ext' from the live environments, the debug panel displays the same thing but the notice disappears in the admin panel.

Maybe I did something wrong? Thank you if you can help me :)