Hi all,

Two things that I'm struggling with here that I hope someone can help with and one additional question

1) The Raven input style variable - on the Raven docs is says "You’ll notice the use of {{ value:name }} style variables. These are used to render the submitted values after the form submission, if you desire". So, if I use the following:

<input type="text" name="name" value="{{ value:Name }}" placeholder="Full Name" />

...am I right in saying that on the email that's received and any error messages would look like:

Name: My Name

rather than

name: My Name

2) When a Raven form is submitted incorrectly I get my error messages as expected. If one field causes an error then the entire form is cleared of any correct information resulting in you having to re-complete ALL fields. Can this be avoided?

3) My usual way of showing incorrect or missing form fields would be to highlight the input by using an additional class and adding the error message above or below it. Is this possible with Raven rather than adding the missing and error messages in one block?


Answered by Jason Varga! Go to answer.