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"Flat file' management

Richard Noakes October 1, 2016 by Richard Noakes

Hi All

I did bring this up before but for me and my needs one of the real biggies of Statamic was the ability to manage sites for clients without the need to use a control panel, a typical workflow is this.

Create entry, add images, upload, make changes as needed, which are often a fair number a week and upload.

Now for quite a lot of what we do, clients just let us manage sites (which we charge for) and Statamic was like a ray of light after the grit of other systems. However...

Statamic 2 changed all that, while I appreciate it is a leap forward technically, the reliance on the CP has for me anyway destroyed its advantages over other database based systems for ongoing management of sites.

Overall I have to say my experience with V2 has not been as good, as V1, but that's subjective. Anyway any chances as you mentioned before there will be a way to manage content and assets without obscure id's?

Thanks. Richard

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