Redactor images aren't being inserted

Working with a client to make updates to their Statamic site, part of which was to update it from 1.6.4 to 1.8.4. Since the update, Redactor won't insert images into content blocks. It does successfully upload it to the allotted folder, but once the loading bar is completed it gives no other feedback and clicking Insert doesn't make any attempt to actually add the image. The browse option gives no results either. If I turn off Redactor the image upload works just fine, but the basic WYSIWYG does not have all of the functions the client is used to having. I've seen others with similar issues both here and on the old troubleshooting forum, but none of their solutions seem to apply to this one.

When you click on insert, there is a JS error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token { " pointing to "publish?path=/activities/page:1".

Redactor is taken from a fresh install of 1.8.4., the function and configuration files are in their respective places and there are no pre-1.7 versions lingering anywhere.

The entire assets folder and subdirectories all have 777 permissions.

All images I've tested with have been well under the PHP file upload limit of 2MB.

Here is a snippet from one of the templates:

        display: Page Content
        required: false
        type: redactor
        image_dir: assets/img/content/
        file_dir: assets/files/
        instructions: Add text and images to show on this page
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